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How To Paint Faux Finishes!
Decorative Painting Techniques &
Easy Faux Painting Demonstrations!

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Dear Barbara -

I have just received two of your DVD's and I love them!  You have done a wonderful job in providing succinct, clear, and thorough instruction.  Now I want to order all the rest.  Currently I work at a small company and we do wallpaper, upholstered walls, and faux painting.  The faux painting area is our weakest and less developed and that is why I ordered your DVD's -- to learn some new techniques, especially for furniture.

I think another reason that I love your videos is that you teach technique that isn't married to a single product line.  That is hard to find these days.  I went to a weekend workshop locally last fall only to realize that you have to use all of their products for the base coats.  Well, we can't do that in our business because our clients want the color selection that they are used to from the local paint stores.

Also, when you learn something on a small piece of poster board, it is difficult to translate to a full wall.  So watching you tackle a project in a real life setting is invaluable

Anne Martin

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With my videos, you'll learn faux finishes paint techniques for decorative faux walls plus I'll teach you how to avoid making mistakes and even how to fix goofs so you always end up with professional faux painting results you can be proud to show off!

Painting demonstrations to help you paint professional-looking faux finishes!


"So... put aside those confusing pictures and vague print materials and watch and learn how
easy it is to paint faux finishes!

  • I Teach You How to Avoid and Fix Mistakes!

  • I give clear, non-intimidating instruction delivered in a down to earth style.

  • I Show You How to Paint Professional-looking and Creative Faux Finishes!

  • I make it easy for you to learn!

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This is absolutely easy-to-follow faux painting instruction on how to paint and create professional-looking faux finishes the first time saving you money and time.

You'll be so grateful you were offered this gift!

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From: Barbara Wurden

Hello Friend and Do-it-yourselfer,

Have you ever wondered how someone with just a little paint and glaze can make a wall look like its out of an actual old Italian villa or have you wondered how they make paint finishes look so uniform that they resemble great wallpaper? If you have any desire to learn how to faux paint and create great wall finishes and textures then you've come to right place. I show you how you can do all of that and more.

Maybe you've tried some faux painting techniques and you've ended up with a messy and sloppy appearance. Maybe you've labored over a wall and had it look like two different people painted the room.

Maybe you think you really tried but you just don't like your results. Consequently, you might be researching a better way to learn how to faux paint.

do it yourself cabinet refacing faux finish


Well, I'm here to tell you that with over 20 years of experience, I’ve lived and learned by making all the mistakes. In fact, at one point I was just like you and with my first faux painting experiment, the result was terrible - because I didn’t have anyone to follow.

What a wonderful discovery I've had learning how to faux and now I'm here to share my secrets with you.

You will absolutely benefit from my years of experience. You will be learning my simplified faux painting processes taught on video to make it easy for you to learn.

Imagine having someone like me to show you every step of the way and to be able to learn this in the comfort of your own home.

I'll show you exactly what materials you'll need to buy and I'll give you examples of the types of colors to choose for each finish. From there I'll guide you step by step on the best ways to achieve best results for the look you are creating.

I'll even show you some of the common mistakes people make sometimes when they are learning these techniques. I'll then show you how to fix any problems that might occur.


...It's easy to learn faux paint techniques when you watch the complete process.

With these demonstrations, you'll be shown exactly How to...

  • Create designer looks for walls..
  • Save time and money while having fun learning.
  • Paint faux finishes you can be proud of.

sponge painting faux finish ideas

Watch how and you'll learn to
paint like a professional


All you need is guided instruction and the desire to learn. The materials are both basic and easy to find, and the steps are clearly demonstrated.

"This is exactly what home improvement how-to programs should aspire to:
a clear demonstration of a project form start to finish" - N. Plymptonst

Faux Fun guides you every step of the way and here's how:

colorwash faux painting ideas

  • With these videos you are given clear and easy to understand instruction
    - Delivered in a style that will give you confidence in your abilities to learn.

  • These Videos are
    filled with tips and tricks of the trade
    - You will save countless hours of time and money.

  • When you watch video, it's easy to review - just play, pause go back and learn
    The answer is always at your finger tips.
This is what other people have to say:

Hi Barbara,
I'll tell you, your videos and instructions are absolutely SUPER1. I have atleast 10 books on faux painting and instructions and your videos are the best. I am thrilled what I see and am going to get started very shortly. My husband is thrilled also. He just loves faux finishing. I have done a bit but its difficult to do things from books. I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am if you have any other videos, books or anything I am very interested to purchase it. Keep up the good work you are a very talented painter.

Milly Toronchuk

Hi Ms.Wurden,

Firstly…I want to thank you so much for making your videos….
They are most helpful…& a Godsend to people like me.  I am just one of those people who can sit & read instructions several times…but still not quite get it.  However, when I can watch something being done…I can confidently repeat the procedure & hopefully end up with the same result.

Your videos & have helped me a lot…Kathleen Peck, Grand Blanc, Michigan

Dear Barbara,

I don't think these pictures capture the cool wall treatment I painted with your great instructions on the "Sponge Painting" DVD. The bedroom I painted is large, but with many sloping angles, making a lot of ceiling versus walls. I didn't want a dark or intense feeling on the shorter walls, and the geometric sponging looks interesting and subtle. So thanks - the instructions were easy to follow, and actually seeing you perform the technique is so much better than just reading instructions. I know I will be trying more of your techniques soon!

Robbie LaFleur,
St. Paul, Minnesota

Thanks Barbara,

I received my order. I'm pretty sure I'll learn a lot from you. I only had time to watch color washing one and you really do it very simple and easy to learn. I was thinking about taking some hands on classes here in Orlando, but I think I won't need it now.

Thanks again. Johnny Abreu


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faux painting classess on dvd

faux painting classes on dvd

You will find what you're looking for here!

venetian plaster and metallic faux painting finishes

Metallic Textures and Venetian Plaster

  • This video teaches how to apply different venetian plaster faux finish applications.
  • Watch and you'll be creating textured faux wall finishes with metallic paints.
  • Watch and learn how to paint faux metal finishes or unique faux paint finishes with metallic paints
R/T 77 min.



furniture fun painting techniques

Painted Furniture Fun

  • Learn do it yourself cabinet refacing with a glazing faux technique.
  • Watch how to easily paint distressed faux paint finishes
  • Turn your trash furniture into creative artistic furniture finishes by painting a simple faux finish.
R/T 67 min.



rocks blocks and bricks

Rocks, Blocks & Bricks

  • Learn how to paint and apply a paper rock faux finish
  • Learn how to paint a stone block wall faux finish to fool the eye.
  • Learn how to create a exposed red brick faux textured wall finish with actual 3-dimensional texture.


R/T 45 min.



Diamond and stripe patterns

Diamond & Stripe Patterns

  • This video shows how to faux paint stripes with dimension and volume.
  • You'll learn how to paint unique a diamond and stripe patterned wall faux finish.
  • You can even learn how to measure for a balanced and cohesive decorative wall finish when creating stripes and patterns.


R/T 38 min.



weave drag and comb

Weaving, Dragging & Combing

  • You'll learn how to faux paint different types of woven-like faux wall finishes
  • You can even learn how to faux paint textured wall finishes with paint.
  • Watch and learn how to create your own faux painting tools for creating these faux paint techniques
R/T 42 min.



colorwashing and glazing faux finishes

Colorwashing & Glazing

  • You'll learn how to create soft and airy decorative glazed faux paint wall finishes.
  • Imagine knowing how to give your walls a delicate old world faux paint finish with an easy faux paint technque.
  • Watch the video you'll and understand the difference between colorwashing and glazing faux painting techniques.
R/T 43 min.



rag painting

Rag Painting Faux Techniques

  • Watch how to create soft mottled rag paint faux finishes that will give you the sense of marbling without all the labor.
  • Learn to create faux finishes that look like leather upholstery painting with several variations and different types of rag painting faux finish techniques.
  • Learn to pant different rag faux wall finishes with faux paint rollers and and compare the techniques.
R/T 50 min.



sponge painting

Sponge Painting
Faux Techniques

  • Learn how to create uniform sponge painted faux finishes.
  • Learn how to paint one-of-a-kind sponged wall faux finishes and sponge piant faux textures.
  • Watch how to blend color with sponge painting faux finish techniques.


R/T 30 min.



kids rooms

Faux Fun 4 Kids' Rooms

  • Learn how to paint fun and colorful faux wall finishes and easy crafts for kids rooms.
  • Watch these are easy to complete projects that require very little in the way of materials. These are fun decorating ideas for kid's rooms walls.
  • The paint techniques are all easy enough for a child to do, with a little help from mom or dad you'll have an amazing decorative kids rooms.
R/T 80 min.



Before and After Faux painting techniques

Before & After Faux Painting Techniques

  • Learn how and from ideas for painting decorative faux wall finishes with a variety of faux painting techniques to choose from with a whole house of faux painting demonstrations.
  • Watch how to add texture, paint with color and bring your walls to life with easy to follow faux painting instruction.
  • Watch the transformation of a real home with several faux painting techniques using easy to find materials.
R/T 70 min.


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