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Learn diy wall texturing
with sponge painted faux wall finishes
and decorative faux painting techniques


For complete and detailed instruction, refer to the full length wall demonstrations given on the DVD.


See how sponge painted diy wall texturing adds depth,character plus value to Your walls in these do it yourself faux painting video classes!


With your Faux Fun Sponge Painting DVD you'll learn how to paint perfect sponge painted faux finishes and you’ll also learn fun and unique variations on this popular faux finish. You’ll even learn new sponge painted faux techniques that resemble wall paper.

When you watch my videos, you'll see exactly how I help you avoid mistakes and fix goofs so you always end up with professional results!


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From: Barbara Wurden


Hello Fellow Do-it-yourselfer,

Maybe you've tried to sponge paint your walls and end up with an uneven unflattering appearance. Or maybe you've seen other peoples sponge finishes and thought they looked terrible and you were afraid to try for fear your finish might end up that way too.

Or maybe you're simply researching a better way to sponge paint and you want to learn how to fix the wall you've just painted. Or, you might be feeling like you've completely destroyed your walls and you don't know where to turn.

What is holding you back from creating a beautiful sponge faux finishes and what are some of the ways you've tried. Have you followed some of those free articles on line that were to vague, hard to follow and they totally passed over important information on what you're supposed to do.

Did you end up with a paint finish that wasn't uniform and looked amateurish? Did your sponge paint finish look just like paw prints on a wall and not like a mottled faux finish. Did you completely forget about the corners because you didn't know how to paint them and make them look like the rest of the walls?



...You're not alone - Sponge Painting can be more difficult than it looks.



Wouldn't it be great to have someone to show you every step of the way. Wouldn't it be easier to have someone at your fingertips showing you exactly what you need and how to use the products.

Wouldn't it be nice to learn this in the comfort of your own home and not have to attend over-crowded classes traveling to and fro and not really learning how this stuff works on real walls anyway.

Forget all the hassle and disappointments and let me show you step-by-step how to paint great faux finishes. You can paint your own home and transform your plain walls into faux painting showcases. Follow my step-by-step instructions and your home will become the envy of the neighborhood.

You Can Learn to Sponge Paint Like a Professional

With over 18 years of experience, I’ve lived and learned by making all the mistakes. In fact, at one point I was just like you and with my first sponge painting experiment, the result was terrible - because I didn’t have anyone to follow.


"Wurden-writer, producer, director, and star of these videos -
Really knows her stuff"-Joan Greenberg



In the initial stages of learning faux painting techniques, I made all the mistakes and i'm here to help you avoid the mistakes I've made so you can have professional results the first time.

I started my decorative painting business in the 1987 with a confusing and complicated book and a lot of desire. My first jobs were in my friends homes and eventually I connected with interior designers and my business flourished.

In the initial stages of learning faux painting techniques, I made all the mistakes and i'm here to help you avoid the mistakes I've made.This first time I painted a sponge finish, I spent unnecessary amounts of time on the finish only to discover that I had completely wasted my precious time. I could have finished hours earlier.

"Wurden demonstrates each off the steps clearly, while anticipating problems a beginner might have, and including
suggestions for fixing the inevitable goofs." - L. Stevens


What a wonderful discovery I had learning how to sponge paint and you will too. All you have to do is... play, pause and repeat and I’ll show you how. You will absolutely benefit from my years of experience.

You will learn simplified paint processes making it easy for you to learn how to faux paint a wall you can be proud of. So allow me to guide you step-by-step so that you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

All you need it this guided instruction and the desire to learn. That’s where this DVD will make it easy for you. The materials are all basic and easy to find, and the steps are clearly demonstrated...Just watch, play, pause and review.


Read what one customer had to say:

Dear Barbara,

I don't think these pictures capture the cool wall treatment I painted with your great instructions on the "Sponge Painting" DVD. The bedroom I painted is large, but with many sloping angles, making a lot of ceiling versus walls. I didn't want a dark or intense feeling on the shorter walls, and the geometric sponging looks interesting and subtle. So thanks - the instructions were easy to follow, and actually seeing you perform the technique is so much better than just reading instructions. I know I will be trying more of your techniques soon!

Robbie LaFleur,
St. Paul, Minnesota




Layered sponge painting faux finish technique


Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Layerd Sponge Painting


Did you know that by adding one extra layer of color, you can turn a bad faux finish into a professional sponge paint finish. Watch the transformation of a poorly executed sponge finish into an amazing and uniform sponge painted application.



You'll Learn How to Blend Colors

Blended sponge painting faux finish techniques dvd


Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Blended Sponge Painting


You'll understand how to blend your color toned and paint soft muted finishes with colors that flow softly from one to another.

You'll learn how to avoid creating muddy gray finishes when blending your colors.

By simply watching the dvd you'll understand the processes and be able to recreate these finishes for yourself.




Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Pearlized Sponge Finish


Sometimes too much of a good thing is a real bad thing. So ....avoid going overboard with too much pearl, all you need to do is learn how to apply this added touch with delicacy and character, I'll show you how!




You'll Learn How to Create Unique Sponge Finishes


Geometric Sponge painting faux finish technique


Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Geometrc Sponge Finish


Amaze yourself and your friends with this super easy and very unique look.You can add a contemporary flavor to a boring room with this lively sophisticated faux finish. Once you learn how to create these finishes, it's easy to use the instructions to invent your own techniques or just learn to paint any technique even better.




You'll Learn How to Combine Sponging and
Weaving Techniques

Imagine your walls covered with a soft variegated pattern and a
warm gentle texture.

Sponge Weaving faux painitng technique

Have you ever wanted to cover a large surface area but were afraid that your finish would look uneven or not uniform? Then, visualize this finish over a large expanse of wall because it's perfect if you want to create an old world look with ease on large walls. I will show you how to make your color areas flow off of each other so you have a balanced and cohesive finish on your walls.


Learn to paint like a professional and
have quality sponge finishes in your home!


Faux Fun Painting
Sponge Painting faux finish techniques DVD
physical DVD

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How much is this information worth?

How much is all this information worth to you?

A book can give you a quick image and some tips but it can't give you the guided direction of how to actually do sponge painting well. A book can't give you the confidence to do these painting processes for yourself but this video illustrates how anyone can master these sponge painting techniques.

This program can be viewed over and over again making it easy for you to see exactly how to do these finishes and paint them like a professional would.

So how much would you expect to pay to learn the secrets of how to be successful at painting sponge finishes? $60, $75, even $110 dollars an hour??

Take a sigh of relief, because you'll receive all this comprehensive sponge painting instruction foronly $4.95. That's a small fraction of what a professional would charge you per hour.

...And, when you add this video to your shopping cart today,

I'm going to give you these additional bonuses for FREE.

Bonus #1: Color Choosing Guide


(Valued at $25 dollars)

Plus, I’ll give you a downloadable color guide! This color guide will help answer any questions you have when choosing color . This guide will give you an understanding of color and how the colors you choose relate to each other in your environment.

Plus, You'll gain an understanding of how colors affect each other and what colors look best together.



Bonus #2: How to prepare a room for painting


(Valued at $10 dollars)

I'm also including with your order a FREE downloadable guide on how to prepare a room for painting. Don't get stuck with a mess on your hands by creating preventable mistakes. And don't waste unnecessary amounts of time doing things the wrong way, when you can just
learn from these handy time-saving and useful tips.


That's more than two thirds of the value

...These are yours free as a complimentary gift!


If you're still unsure and don't know if this instruction is right for you, I understand. That's why I also offer you...

What is it worth

...to make your faux painting projects fun and easy!


Sponge Painitng faux finish techniques dvd

We Teach You Exactly What You Need To Do To Paint And Create Quality Sponge Painted Wall Finishes.

How much does it cost...


Click to see video.

to make your faux painting projects easier?

Now just imagine, once you watch this DVD, you could be learning and understanding exactly how to paint sponge finishes for yourself. You could be painting and feeling confident that you can achieve the results you desire.

You will be saving hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time.with these fool-proof instructions. You will be learning how to paint a successful finish the first time and you won't have to hire someone else again.

Just simply follow through with your order and you'll be learning the easy way by watching the entire process on your monitor from start finish before you begin in your home. We've made it simple and affordable for you to learn faux painting techniques, and the rest is up to you.

I wish you much success with all your sponge painting projects!



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Faux Fun Painting
Sponge Painting faux finish techniques DVD
physical DVD

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Barbara Wurden
Faux Fun







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